How to Use a Pay by Phone Casino

New to online casino sites and pay by phone casino sites in particular? While they may seem a little overwhelming at first to use, they are actually very easy and before you know it you’ll be depositing cash like crazy playing at a pay by phone casino! If you want to get started depositing cash at a pay by phone casino, follow our simple steps below and you can get started playing all of your favourite games in no time at all.

Step by Step Guide to Using a Pay by Phone Casino

Ready to get started playing at a pay by phone casino today? Then we have a step by step guide to make the whole process quick and easy for you as you do not want to be wasting precious casino playing time on making deposits.
Once you have chosen your pay by phone casino and are all signed up and ready to make your deposit, you can then start the pay by phone process to fund your online casino account. To do this, simply make your way to the deposit screen of the site and in the payment methods section hit Pay by Mobile. This will then transport you to another payment panel and players will be asked to confirm their depositing amount on screen and you will have to give the pay by phone casino your phone number. Players will then receive an SMS message which will act as the authentication to use this payment method and you will have to reply to this to confirm, but don’t worry, this won’t cost you anything! Now you are all set to make deposits at a pay by phone casino!
Once you have gone through this set up process it is super easy to make deposits with this payment method. All you need to do is send a simple text message with the amount you are depositing and your account will be instantly credited once you have confirmed this payment. When using this payment method at a pay by phone casino, players will normally be limited to a £10 deposit every day, which is fantastic for those of you trying to budget and be careful with your cash as you will not physically be able to go over this daily spend limit. It will, however, not be suitable for high-rollers who are looking to deposit very large sums of cash.

How Do Pay by Phone Casino Sites Work

Pay by phone casino sites work by involving your network provider and another intermediary to conduct the payment, which is normally something like Boku. Your casino payment will not be taken instantly out of your account as it will actually be paid by your network provider. They will then add on your deposits to your end of the month bill that you receive and you can then simply pay it off all together.
If you have not used a pay by phone casino before, get started today to quickly deposit cash and play all of your favourite games!

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